Luis Almeida, Chiaki Kamikawa, Anouk Mercier, 
Valérie Rouillier, Lotte Van de Walle

03 - 30.06.2018

Anouk Mercier, 2016
Luis Almeida, 2017 - Lotte Van De Walle, 2017 - Valérie Rouillier, 2016
Chiaki Kamikawa, 2015
Galerie DYS invites you to its last exhibition before summer holidays: a group show by five artists.
The drawings by Luis Almeida (Portugal) have a figurative start which transforms and vanishes while lines are added. The pencil takes control, is alternatively gentle, strong and meticulous, builds small universes condensed in a corner of the sheet, distorts what was literal at the beginning. The small drawings by Valérie Rouillier (Belgium) also scramble the frontier between figuration and abstraction. The eye finds landscapes, meanders and topography in the light, compulsive and fluid traces left by the pen on the paper. Anouk Mercier (UK) combines techniques to recreate from old engravings impossible and lush perspectives, idyllic walks under skies illuminated by pastel exoplanets. Chiaki Kamikawa (Japan, Cyprus) stages a swarm of little figures oddly busy in bright colored scenery, close to a pop version of Jerôme Bosch’s world. Last, Lotte Van De Walle (Belgium) is back with a series of recent works on paper. We find again her delicate miniaturist work and her mastery of material and transparency. Her enigmatic and colorful world is now renewed by her recent move to California: we cross the path of friendly swarms of squirrels, Mexican graves covered in flowers and the spectral trees from american parks.

Justine Jacquemin